Welcome to Embla's graphics tutorials

As you might have guessed, My name is Embla. This site is meant for horseland (horseland.com) players, but you are all welcome to have a look. If you need help, want someone to critique your pictures or just chat, join the tutorial forum. It's completly free. Also, please read the rules before you help your self in the html section. "Tutorial" means "helping site" or "guide". The html listed in here is to show you how to create your own layouts. It is not copy paste code. I don't play horseland anymore, but I've desided to keep the tutorials up :) Enjoy ^^ PS: I do not make layouts or pictures for other people, including horseland graphics, real life graphics, html, contests and so on.

Do not forget to put a linking banner up after copying code ect.


New layout and location


It is actually one whole year since I last updated this web page. In the meantime my domain www.emblas.net went dead, I forgot to renew the subscription, and someone snatched it before I could renew it. So now it's located on a different domain. Help spread the word. I know that HL has made loads of changes, and some tutorials might be outdated. Sadly, I'm not going to update them or make a lot of new tutorials. The layout is new, if you even remember the last one lol. And the forum is still up and running, known as "The tutorial forum", link is located where it used to be. My e-mail address is still emblas.net @ gmail.com (remove spaces).

Even a newer layout banner


As you might have seen, Superstar's layout banner is replaced by Giggle's, who came in second in the contest.

New layout

New layout banner


New fall layoutbanner from Superstar who won the forum layout contest. Congratulates Superstar!



As you might have noticed, the page is not updated ofen these days. We need more tutorials, a new generator, and it's time for a new layout. BUT.. it's summer, and personally, I don't like spending time inside when the weather is SO nice. I'd rather be outside. So I'll wait with the updates and the new stuff, I'll save it for rainy days :) So enjoy the summer outside people :D (Web camera, Oslo, Norway)

Changes and a new guest tutorial


Some of the HTML tutorials are updated again. Nancy Drew fan from the forum gave me a tip so the personalized message box tutorial is up again. She said that all that was needed was to make a regular link to the message box, instead of a pop up. Celo gave me promission to use all of her guest tutorials, and you can see the first ones here, here, here and here

Horseland block


Horseland blocked our possibility to show code as text on your pages. It's not possible to write <*img src="">, the < tag with * or any sign, without it beeing replaced with dots, questionmarks or w/e. I will gif images for you to use, check the codebox tutorial...

Tutorial updates


Horseland unblocked some code they had blocked, so the tuts aren't that outdated anymore. I won't close the tutorials :) I'll add some new html tuts when I have time. I've fixed the free css scripts (here), so they work again.

Coming up