Guest tutorials » Paint Shop Pro X » Wrap text around curve

A lot of people wonder how to wrap text around something; here I will show you in a few simple steps. This way works also in PSP version 8 and 9.

Step 1

Open the picture you are going to use.

Step 2

Select the pen tool from the side. It looks like this:

Step 2

Make sure the pen is set as a vector line

Step 3

Once you have the pen tool, use it to select points along the horse’s neck, something like this:

Once you have selected the points you want, click on the text tool. Ignore the line that the pen tool made, this will be deleted later on.

Step 4

With the pen tool at hand, move your mouse over the area near the starting point of where you used the pen tool. A small ‘A’ appears with a curve underneath. Once this appears, left click and insert the text. It will look like this:

Step 5

Its time to delete the line made by the pen. On your layer control area right click on the layer named ‘vector 1’. Choose the option Delete. And that’s it! The final product is this:

Tutorial by riaeve. Permission granted to Embla.